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Wanna be on the show? Got a book suggestion? 

Washington, DC

Book Club for Kids is a podcast where middle school readers discuss the books they love with host Kitty Felde. The author answers questions. A celebrity reads from the book.

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How Can I Be on the Podcast?

There are lots of ways you can participate in Book Club for Kids podcast:

  • Be on the show

Currently, Book Club for Kids is taping in the Los Angeles area. If you are in the fifth to ninth grades and live in Southern California, have your teacher, parent, or school librarian email us at

Don't live in Southern California? Find out how you can bring Book Club for Kids Podcast to your hometown! Email us at

  • Make a book recommendation

The easiest way to appear on the Book Club for Kids podcast is to simply tell us, "What's your favorite book?"

Either give us a call and leave a message on our voicemail: 323-639-3560. Or record yourself on the voice memo app* on a smartphone and email us the audio file at

Here's what to say:

Hello, my name is - (first name only please)

I live in - (city only please)

My favorite book is - (give us the name of your favorite book)

Because - (tell us why you love this book)

Keep it under a minute, please. And you'll appear on a new Book Club for Kids podcast episode!

* How to record on a smartphone:

    a) open a voice memo app like AudioMemos or Voice Memos or iTalk

    b) find the mic on your smart device; it’s usually at the bottom  

    c) set the volume to medium and hit record

    d) hold the phone 5-8 inches away from your mouth or place it on a desk at about the same distance.

    e) email the audio file to us at

And be sure to include your contact information!