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Book Club for Kids is a podcast where middle school readers discuss the books they love with host Kitty Felde. The author answers questions. A celebrity reads from the book.

How to Listen to Podcasts on Your Smartphone

Podcasting 101: A how-to guide 

How to Subscribe to Book Club for Kids - or Podcasting 101


If you've never downloaded  a podcast before, fear not. We'll walk you through the world of podcasts - how to get them on your smartphone, how to sign up ONCE and never worrying about it again.


The world is divided into Apple products and everything else. We'll show you how to download podcasts on both.


First, the world of Apple.


If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. Apple makes it super simple to subscribe to podcasts. Look for the purple icon called Podcasts. It comes already installed on your iPhone.


iTunes Podcast icon

Touch it and then find the Search button at the bottom right. Type in Book Club for Kids. You'll see our familiar logo. 

Book Club for Kids lobo


Touch it. Apple will ask you to sign in with the password you use to buy music on iTunes. Type it in. Don't have one? Just sign up. Book Club for Kids is FREE.


Next, you'll see a page with our current podcasts. But look up in the upper right hand area next to our logo: you'll see a purple SUBSCRIBE button. 


Touch the purple SUBSCRIBE button.


And that's it! Book Club for Kids episodes will automatically download onto your phone every other Wednesday. (That's what those little clouds with arrows mean: downloading from the cloud.)


Whenever you want to play them - in line at the grocery store with the kids, on the ride home from school the day you're driving carpool, out walking the dog - all you have to do is touch the purple podcast button on your phone, then touch the "My Podcasts" button at the bottom left of the screen. Book Club for Kids - and any other podcast you decide to subscribe to - will show up in your My Podcast file.


After you listen, DO add a rating and a review! Apple helps promote podcasts based on these. You'll find the REVIEWS button under the SUBSCRIBE button. To help boost the show in iTunes, please post a review or give it a (hopefully very high) rating!


Questions? Email us at


Now. Say you have a Galaxy or Samsung phone, otherwise known as an Android. And you want to get in on this podcast madness as well. It's not hard, just takes an extra step.

There are a number of apps that play podcasts. Book Club for Kids is available on two of them: Stitcher and Soundcloud. I'm going to explain how to subscribe on Stitcher, but it's pretty much the same thing on Soundcloud.

Go to your Google Play Store.


Search for the Stitcher app. It looks like this:

Download the app. Touch it and sign up. It's free. It's like a record player for what you want to listen to.

Once you're signed in, look in the upper right hand corner. There you'll find the search magnifying glass. Touch it and type in Book Club for Kids. You should see the first thing at the top our logo:

Note: I already touched the + sign to subscribe, which is why you see the check mark.

Note: I already touched the + sign to subscribe, which is why you see the check mark.


Touch it and you'll see a little + sign in the upper right hand corner. Touch it and voila! You have added Book Club for Kids to your playlist and you can come back anytime you want to listen.

You'll also see buttons to listen now, listen later, you can forward it to all of your friends (please do!)


And that's it!


Questions? Email us at