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Washington, DC

Book Club for Kids is a podcast where middle school readers discuss the books they love with host Kitty Felde. The author answers questions. A celebrity reads from the book.

Who's this Kitty Felde person?


Kitty’s First Book:

Legend has it: anyone who sees the Demon Cat of Capitol Hill will be cursed with bad luck. 10-year-old Fina Mendoza just saw it. And the last thing her family needs right now is more bad luck.

Fina just moved to Washington, D.C. to live fulltime with Papa, a Congressman from California. But after Fina encounters a mysterious cat, disasters follow. The only way for Fina to save her family from future “cat”astrophe is to solve the mystery of the Demon Cat of Capitol Hill.

ISBN: 978-1-68433-223-6 / 185 PAGES / $17.95 / Ages 8-12


Kitty Felde is the host and executive producer of the Book Club for Kids podcast. She’s an award-winning public radio journalist, winning dozens of Golden Mike Awards, AP Awards, and ABA Silver Gavel Awards. She’s reported from Africa, The Netherlands, Canada, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. 

Kitty also writes kids books and plays that have been produced around the world. Her play about Quentin Roosevelt is performed every weekend as a tour around the White House. 

She fell in love with young adult literature when she was still a young adult herself, working at her local public library.

Kitty Felde in the News


  • Kitty was featured on Cash Peters' podcast  "The Life Quiz" talking about her career.  Episode 8 - Lessons in Forgiveness.

  • She speaks frankly about her journey from public radio to podcasting on Career 2.0: What Do I Want to Be Now?