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Book Club for Kids is a podcast where middle school readers discuss the books they love with host Kitty Felde. The author answers questions. A celebrity reads from the book.

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Tip #73: It's So Disgusting...I Have to Read It!

Kitty Felde

Maniac Magee readers

Oakland Public Librarian Kate Hug refuses to be discouraged by young patrons who hate books. She asks a series of questions, trying to find something they might enjoy. One particular day, the answer to all of her questions was, "Everything sucks."

End of discussion? Not for Kate. She kept asking questions. "Do you like spiders?"

That got a reaction. "No! Spiders are icky."

Kate's response, "Let me show you how icky they can get."

She led them to a shelf full of spider books and at least one of them went home with that patron. Kate says icky stuff works. "Whether it's a disgusting bug that they want to know more about or something that eats you from the inside," kids love the ick factor.

There are lots and lots books out there to gross out kids of all tastes. Here's a great list of disgusting books that kids love - everything from animal puke to blood and guts. Or perhaps dog breath and cockroaches are more your taste indisgusting. Maybe roadkill appeals to your ick appetite. Or the historic ick: vampires and Typhoid Mary.

It's not my taste and may not be yours. But that's the one truth I've discovered by talking to kids on the Book Club for Kids podcast: my reading taste is not that of everyone's. It's why we let the kids (okay, sometimes it's their teachers or librarians...) pick the books we talk about on the podcast. Otherwise our episodes would be filled with historic fiction and earnest family stories. To each his or her own.

As long as they're reading.