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Book Club for Kids is a podcast where middle school readers discuss the books they love with host Kitty Felde. The author answers questions. A celebrity reads from the book.

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Tips for Creating Lifelong Readers

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Tip #34: Preview of Coming Attractions

Kitty Felde


My favorite part of going to the movies is the previews. I hate the commercials, but love the continuous string of movie trailers. Sometimes, I wonder what the heck it is about the movie I'm seeing today that makes them think I'd everwant to go see the movie in the trailer. But trailers do allow me to get a taste of a film I might want to spend my time watching - or warn me away from wasting my money.

The same is true for book trailers.

Marcie Atkins, the library specialist at Belvedere Elementary School in northern Virginia says book trailers "really get the kids pumped about books." Marcie says she uses them to introduce her Virginia Readers Choice books and the Mock Newbery books every year.

Here's the book trailer for one of our favorite books on Book Club for Kids: Tracey Baptiste's "The Jumbies".

And here's our discussion of the book THE JUMBIES.